Project Control

FIMA uses ERP, the Business Resource Planning System to execute the following activities:

  • Project and manage the plant’s workload including orders, capacity reserves and commercial forecasts to anticipate demand and have the flexibility to execute our clients’ different requirements.
  • Schedule and conduct on-line follow up on all the projects’ activities beginning with order placement and continuing on through design tasks, purchases, workshop and shipment. During this process, all requirements are aligned with the plant’s capacities .
  • On-line inventory management, which includes handling our clients’ materials if necessary.
  • Control of project milestones and the alert system to take corrective action in a timely fashion.

Additionally FIMA’s work schedule includes an inspection plan, which entails a series of visits that are scheduled in the system to ensure that our products meet the quality standards demanded by our clients.

Finally, it is important to mention that our system for Planning and Control has been prepared and used to conduct Turnkey Projects.