Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to the Environment

FIMA is committed to caring for and preserving the environment. To accomplish this, we strive to apply criteria for sustainable development in our processes by using our resources in ways that favor the world that surrounds us.

To achieve this commitment, FIMA engages in the following:

  • Adequate and correct separation of metallic and non-metallic wastes.
  • Efforts to develop processes and use materials that are environment-friendly.
  • Noise level control.
  • Optimization of energy consumption in our operations and value chain.

These practices involve:

  • Constant employee training on safety and the environment.
  • Leading by example to ensure that our personnel behave appropriately and protect the environment.
  • On-going efforts to identify opportunities for improvement to reduce environmental impact and minimize the inefficient use of our resources through studies and adequate plans of action.
  • Permanent monitoring of our emissions to improve processes and innovate technologies.