Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to Social Development

FIMA is committed to promoting social development and collaborates with various entities including: police stations, institutes and primary and secondary schools. We have also set up different training centers to improve the skills of our employees, their families and low-income youth.

Welding School
Several years ago, FIMA created a welding school for young professionals or students who are completing their studies at vocational schools for welding and mechanics.

The course lasts two months and graduates may be hired by our organization.

School for Boiler Operators
This program is for graduates of boiler operator vocational schools who specialize in metallic constructions. The objective is to provide theoretical and practical training so that boiler operators can effectively handle the company’s daily operations.

The course last two months and graduates may be offered employment at our organization.

“Grow with Us” Program
This interesting program is directed at university students who are completing their last semesters of study in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering (some other areas may be considered).

FIMA offers these students the chance to develop and grow within the company by assigning them to projects in different areas. This ensures that young professionals are aligned with FIMA’s policies and as such are in the position to occupy positions at the company in the future.

Thanks to this program, we have been able to hire 60% of our interns.

Student Scholarships
FIMA sponsors programs for economically disadvantaged youth who wish to study degree programs that useful for our main areas of activity. Once participants finish their studies, they are prepared to initiate a career at FIMA.

Children’s Day
Every year FIMA holds a Christmas party for all of our employees’ children. The event includes a show and gifts for all young participants.

Both our employees and their families participate in this event, which ensures a day of fun and integration.

School for Children 
FIMA offers a “Use your School Vacation Wisely” course for all of our employees’ children who are between the ages of 3 and 15.

The objective of this program is to develop participants’ abilities through different activities, workshops and sports.

To ensure that our employees feel motivated and recognized and simultaneously improve performance, FIMA provides many opportunities for training throughout the year, including: AutoCAD, English, bridge crane operation, CNC-assisted fabrication, welding low, medium and high alloy steel, and hydraulic system maintenance, among others.