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FIMA has more than 12 years of experience in efficiently managing the most important shop Spools Fabrication Projects for Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy in Peru, from the mega project Antamina in the year 2000 to the main projects that are currently under construction.

The vast experience that FIMA has acquired over the years has made it a specialist in spool fabrication and we process different materials from carbon steel, stainless steel, special alloy steels, titanium, etc. in thicknesses up to 52.37 mm. We also provide services such as non-destructive testing, galvanization and lining (rubber / rubber ceramic / polyurethane), etc.

FIMA works with a software named Spoolgen to develop the spool drawings, which are subsequently sent on line to the Vernon automatic cutting machine to start fabrication.

Given that this type of manufacturing requires flexibility and an ability to meet each Project’s needs, FIMA has implemented two production lines and depending on requirements, we can expand our lines to contemplate an output of 4000 inches of weld area per week at any of our three installations (2 in Callao and 1 in Arequipa).

Our QA/QC department is involved in every step of the process, starting with the material reception and ending with a final release for delivery. Inspection reports, material certificates and NDT reports are included as part of Quality dossier that we deliver for each isometric drawing (detailed spool per spool).


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