Policy for Occupational Safety and Health

FIMA’S safety practices are aligned with the OHSAS 180001 Management System, which means that we can succeed in the most competitive global markets.

FIMA is committed to maintaining and enhancing the well being and safety of all of its employees. We have risen to this challenge by adhering to clear rules; engaging in continuous training; and establishing a safety committee that is composed of employees from different levels of the organization who meet on a weekly basis to review indicators, define areas for improvement, and minimize risks in all working areas.

Our employees are aware of the fact that FIMA puts a premium on worker and environmental safety with regard to all of its activities, products and services.

Safety Indicators

Our indicators’ performance levels are calculated according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) incident rate. This agency is part of the Labor Department of the United States and sets the highest standards for safety in the world. These standards have been and are used as the basis for international regulation.

Calculations are based on one million man hours a year and the rates are:

  • Incident Frequency: N° of Incidents involving Incapacitation x 1’000,000/ hours worked
  • Incident Severity: N° Man Hours x 1’000,000 / hours worked

Incident Investigation

FIMA’s Safety Committee is responsible for taking the necessary corrective and preventive actions.

We have a completely equipped first aid center that is open round-the-clock to attend to any emergency.

Training and creating awareness

  • Training for high risk jobs
  • FIMA emergency brigade
  • Personnel who work full-time in Safety Management.
  • On-going visual, audiovisual, verbal and document support to create awareness about safety issues among all the company’s personnel (sign placement, presentations, corporate communication, panels and murals).