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FIMA uses cutting-edge equipment and machinery. The following list covers our main product offerings:

Equipment to prepare Material

  • Machine to cut and perforate CNC sheets
  • Sheers to cut CNC sheets
  • CNC bending machines
  • CNC rolling machines
  • Machine to cut and profile CNC pipes
  • Saws to cut materials that are not flat with programmed timing

Welding equipments

  • Equipment for multi-purpose welding for GMAW, GTAW, FCAW and ASW processes
  • Equipment for submerged arc welding (SAW)
  • Equipment for orbital welding
  • Manipulators, positioners, rotators

Machinery Tools

  • Vertical lathe with a capacity up to 6,300 mm
  • Horizontal CNC machinery with different capacities
  • CNC horizontal machining centers
  • CNC vertical machining centers
  • Generating machines for gear boxes
  • Radial Drills

Equipment for surface finishing

  • Blasting camera with a system for blast recovery, system cleaning, sleeve filters and others to ensure zero contamination.
  • Paint facility with the necessary equipment.

Facilities in our Workshops

  • Rolling bridge crane with different capacities for all ships (maximum combined capacity up to 64 MT)
  • Auxiliary cranes in all the areas

Facilities in our Shipping Area

  • Mobile cranes and forklifts with different capacities.