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Raw material transformation goes through the following processes:

Preparation, cold and hot cutting of raw materials using cutting-edge CNC machines (pantograph, with oxycutting and plasma), CNC sheers and mechanical-automatic saws.
Boiling and welding, we have the necessary facilities to bend, roll or transform sheets and have ample experience in welding processes such as SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, GTAW-Orbital and SAW; all of this ensures that we can work efficiently.
Mechanics, this section is equipped with machinery of different shapes and sizes, including hoisting wheels and CNC machining centers. Our policy is to maintain a firm commitment to ensure that CNC technology replaces conventional machinery.
Assembly, parts assembly and/or equipment for mining (crushing, gravimetrics, filters, grinding, filtration section, froth flotation, lixiviation, thickening and clarification), fishing ( FRT 8000 and FSC 40/60 tube driers, hot air driers, coolers, etc.), sugar (clarifiers, sugar cane mill, crystallizer, drier-cooler, screen mesh, etc.).
Surface finishing, preparation of surfaces and lining applications to meet international standards to ensure that steel and other metallic structures are protected.